Install MySQL/Ruby (or Ruby/MySQL)

First install MySQL/Ruby. The following will work for most setups:

% curl -o mysql-ruby-2.7.tar.gz
% tar zxvf mysql-ruby-2.7.tar.gz
% cd mysql-ruby-2.7
% ruby extconf.rb --with-mysql-config
% make
% ruby test.rb [hostname] [username] [dbpassword]
% make install     # as superuser

If your configuration is slightly different, check the MySQL/Ruby page for more detailed setup info.


Please note that MySQL/Ruby has some known issues on certain architectures. If you have strange segfaults while running MySQL/Ruby tests, we recommend that you install Ruby/MySQL instead. Make sure that MySQL/Ruby is uninstalled, so that Ruby-DBI will unambiguously know which library to load.

In case you're wondering: MySQL/Ruby and Ruby/MySQL, both written by Tomita Masahiro, are two implementations of the same API in C and pure Ruby, respectively. Ruby/MySQL is mildly slower, but both look the same from the outside, and to Ruby-DBI.