Install Lafcadio

... with RubyGems

Lafcadio has a number of external dependencies, and installing via RubyGems is highly recommended to help manage these dependencies. With RubyGems, you can install with

% gem install lafcadio     # as superuser

Note that MySQL/Ruby and Ruby-DBI are currently not Gem-installable, so you will have to install them by hand, as discussed above.

... without RubyGems

If for some reason you want to do an old fashioned install without RubyGems, you'll have to install its dependencies by yourself. After installing MySQL/Ruby and Ruby-DBI, you should also install the following Ruby libraries:

Once you've done that, you can install Lafcadio with

% ruby install.rb     # as superuser

Test Lafcadio (optional)

If you like, you can run all the tests. The test suite assumes you have a MySQL user with the username of "test" and a password of "password" (These values are set in lib/lafcadio/test/testconfig.dat.) You should create this user, and give it full permissions to a database called "test". You probably shouldn't let the account do anything more than that.

% cd lib
% ruby ../test/unitTests.rb
% ruby ../test/acceptanceTests.rb